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Reports presented to council meetings:



25 February 2016

Sandra Nichols Applictaion
Clerk's resignation
A32 FAG Report Update
Response re Farnborough TAG
2016-18 Ground Maintenance Tender
26 May 2016

Vote in new Chairman
Staffing update.
Radian Enquiry.
Approve Annual return

25 August 2016   24 November2016 


12 February    

A32 Flood Action Group 
Hampshire P&CC
 Proactive Scrutiny
Transparency Code

19 May
Annual Return
Standing Orders
Financial Regulations 
Risk Assessment
Employment Contract  


10 September
Superfast Broadband Campaign 
Neighbourhood Watch 
Cllr Louisson Introduction
A32 FAG July Meeting Minutes     
East Hampshire
 Transport Study Resp.
Hampshire Police & Crime
 Panel Request.
SDNPA Local Plan Report
EHDC's Littering Campaign

10 December
Conclusion of Annual
 Audit Report
2016/2019 Ground Maintenance
2016/17 Budget and Precept
East Hampshire Transport
 Study Resp.
CAA re TAG Farnborough



27 February
2014/15 Budget report        
 and Precept
 (from Dec 2013)

29 May 

Annual Return
Consultation on Small       
 Sewerage Discharges

7 August
Superfast Broadband 
Playground inspection
Vegetation Management
Community Rights Survey   
CLG Litter

30 October

Annual Return &
 Audit Report
Budget Report & Precept


Responses to Consultation Papers

2016 25 February 26 May 25 August 24 November None None

2015  12 February   19 May   10 September     10 December

None None Hampshire Police & East Hampshire Transport

 Crime Panel Request. Study Resp. 

SDNPA Local Plan Report

2014  27 February   29 May   7 August   30 October
Vegetation Management
None None Community Rights Survey
Hampshire P&CC
 Proactive Scrutiny
CLG Litter

Planning Applications Rec'd

2016 25 February 26 May 25 August 24 November
None None SDNP/16/02365/FUL SDNP/16/02687/TPO

2015 12 February   19 May   10 September   10 December
None None SDNP/15/01685/LIS None

2014 27 February   29 May   7 August   30 October
None SDNP/14/01283/PRE SDNP/14/03778/LIS None
SDNP/14/02409/PRE SDNP/14/03552/PRE
SDNP/14/04452/FUL SDNP/14/04549/HOUS

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