Parish Council Meeting Documents

Agenda and papers for PC meeting 6.30pm Weds 30th August Click on the link to view the document:

Mins August 2017.pdf

Agenda (Final) Aug 2017.pdf

CFI E-mails RO and IJ re. highways.pdf

CFI Explanatory Note.pdf

CFI Charges Note.pdf

CFI - Village Gate Entry Features.pdf

CFI Introduction.pdf

Mins May17.pdf

Att 1 May Mins Website.pdf

Att 2 May Mins NHWatch.pdf

Att 3 May Mins VHall.pdf

Broadband Universal Service Obligation.pdf





ETPC Risk Assessment - rev August 2017.pdf

Election costs reply.pdf

ETPC Financial Regulations rev August 2017.pdf

Quarterly Financial Statement August 2017.pdf

Bank statement 72.pdf

Recon to Statement 72 26.05.17.pdf

Bank statement 73.pdf

Recon to St 73 27.06.17.pdf

Bank statement 74.pdf

Recon to St 74. 27.07.17.pdf

Bank statement 73.pdf

Budget monitoring 2017-18 to date.pdf

Cashbook 2017-18 to 24.08.17.pdf

Minutes AGM May 2017

MinsMay17.pdf  Att 1 Website.pdf   Att 2 NHWatch.pdf   Att 3 VHall.pdf

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting May 2017

MinsAPM May 2017.pdf  Att1MKGReport.pdf  Att2CLReport.pdf

2017/18 May 2017 Agenda and papers for Annual Village meeting 17th May at 7.30pm

Annual Village Meeting Agenda May 2017 .pdf

May 2015 - Open Minutes.pdf

2017/18 May 2017 Agenda and papers (incl. Accounts 2016-17)  for Parish Council AGM 17th May at 6.30pm

1. ETPC AGM Agenda May 2017.pdf

2. Minutes ETPC Meeting March 2017.pdf

3. Tree Works St James March 2017.pdf

4. SDNP-17-01982-TPO.pdf

5. 2016-17 Summary Accounts.pdf

6. Internal Auditor's (full) Report 27 04 17.pdf

7 Annual Return Internal Audit Summary.pdf

8. Annual Return Section 1 Governance Statement.pdf

9. Annual Return Section 2 Accounting Statement.pdf

10. Quarterly Financial Statement May 2017.pdf

11.Hiscox - Policy Summary.pdf

12.East Tisted Parish Council - Hiscox Remittance Advice 2017.pdf

13. HomeStart Grant Application 240317 .pdf

14. Home Start Weywater Annual Report final.pdf

2016/17     March 2017  Draft Minutes ETPC 14.03.17.pdf

January 2017  Approved Minutes ETPC 12.01.17.pdf

     2017-18 Budget Agreed 12.01.17.doc

August 2016  Approved Minutes ETPC 25.08.16.pdf

May 2016 AGM  Approved Minutes ETPC AGM 26.05.16.pdf

May 2016 Village Meeting - cancelled as no villagers attended

2015/16 February - minutes December - minutes   September - minutes May - Parish Open Meeting - minutes May - Annual Parish Council Meeting - minutes

2014/15 February - approved
October - approved
August - approved
May - approved Minutes from the Annual Village Open Meeting

2013/14 February - approved 
September - approved May - approved Minutes from the Annual Village Open Meeting
February - approvedDraft Minutes ETPC 14.03.17.pdf

2012 December - approved September - approved May - approved Minutes from the Annual Village Open Meeting February - approved

2011 December - approved September - approved May - approved Minutes from the Annual Village Open Meeting
February - approved

2010 September - approved June - approved Minutes from the Annual Village Open Meeting February - approved

If you would documentation from before 2010, please contact the Clerk.

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